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I have the pleasure to present to you'Sister Moon'!  Cristina, Ben and the band Four Peace, have created a unique sound with a blend of folk, rock and blues.  There are 8 tracks on this CD including; Sister Moon, Crystal in her Pocket, Gaia, Loving Rythm, Chakra Chant, Better Days, Sweet Little Girl and Good Friends.  
All lyrics and melody are composed by Cristina Ridgeway.  Arrangement, production and details by Benton Ridgeway. 
If you would like to place an order please send me an e-mail to
lusitania63@yahoo.com  or you can Pay Pal.  The CD is $10.00.  All lyrics are included in the 3 folded cover.


Love Peace and Melody 

 Gaia’s Song

Cristina Ridgeway 2004

Gaia, Gaia, Ancient Mother Gaia, Gaia, Mother of the Universe
Gaia, Gaia, I hear your calling, Gaia Gaia, I feel your heart beat in my soul, Ooh Ooh Mother Earth

Let me tell you a story, How this world came to be, She streched her arms in glory, created infinity, I do hear you dear Lady Blessed Be 


She’s the Goddess of creation, Of darkness and light, Goddess of regeneration, Of prophecy and sight, I sing to you dear Lady, A song of love


I hear her calling in the evening, In the quite of the night, She’s tells me about the beginning, Of a journey beyond might, I’m a part of you Dear Lady For all time



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